Reviewing process

There are two referees as a rule, three in case of conflict. The whole process normally lasts no longer than three months.
IJL Editors avoid engaging reviewers who are close to – or have any sort of conflict with – a given author; in particular, they strive to avoid situations where rejection might be the direct result of theoretical divergence. They reserve the right to desk-reject submissions judged to be insufficiently original, seriously flawed either in content or presentation or both, unsuitable for the journal as regards subject matter, or too marginal to its aims and scope to compete with more centrally relevant contributions.


IJL normally adopts double-blind reviewing. Anonymity is not, however, strictly enforced: reviewers are free to decide about it.

Ethical and professional issues

Reviewers should carefully read the relevant part of the Ethical Code (see the link below).


Ethical Code – download

Reviewer Guidelines – download

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