The collaboration in the reviewing process is highly appreciated by the ”Italian Journal of Linguistics” Board.

IJL’s evaluations are by default anonymous, unless the reviewer decides otherwise.

Reports should be submitted in as short a time as possible (not more than 8 weeks). The Board’s verdict should best be notified to the author(s) within a maximum of 3 months. This includes: search for referees, reviewing process, Board’s decision.

Reports should consist of two parts:

  1. A GENERAL STATEMENT summarizing the reviewer’s view, with special regard to:
    – clarity of exposition;
    – originality of content;
    – updating of references;
    – relevance to some advanced branch of research as accompanied by an ASSESSMENT of the PAPER’s QUALITY:
    – to be published (with modifications);
    – revise and resubmit;
    – to be rejected.
  2. An ANALYTICAL ACCOUNT, pointing out flaws and possible changes (i.e., suggestions concerning lack of clarity or style deficiencies).

Reviewers should avoid any formulation that might hurt the author(s). Hence, no ironical or impatient comments: authors find themselves in a condition of inferiority with respect to their (by default anonymous) referees.

NB: Reviewers should not spread the paper nor quote from it without explicit permission by the author(s). In such an event, please contact the the IJL’s editors.