Volume 34 – Issue 1 – 2022

Mujdey Abudalbuh, Aziz Jaber, Osama Omari
An Optimality Theoretic Account for Pharyngealization Spread in Rural Jordanian Arabic

Veronica Bagaglini, M. Silvia Micheli
The emerging Italian affix -iota between blending and derivation: A corpus-based analysis

Federica Cominetti, Giulia Giunta
Change of State and Factive Nominals and Nominalizations as Presupposition Triggers

Paula Orzechowska, Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk
Gradient phonotactics and frequency: A study of German initial clusters

Ioana Stoicescu, Wolfgang U. Dressler
On the acquisition of semantic vs. pragmatic telicity in child Romanian

Maria Vender, Chiara Melloni, Denis Delfitto
The effectiveness of reading intervention in adults with developmental dyslexia: A systematic review