Volume 33 – Issue 1 – 2021

Elisa Mattiello
Blends vis-à-vis compounds in English

Chiara Romagnoli, Carmen Lepadat
Standard and variation in the use of sentence-final particles: A case study based on speakers of Mandarin and Min varieties

Special section:

Co-editors Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and Péter Maitz
Language contact and emerging languages

Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Péter Maitz

Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald
Blended grammar: Kumandene Tariana of northwest Amazonia

Luca Ciucci
The hispanization of Chamacoco syntax

Katarzyna I. Wojtylak
Language contact and change: the case of Muruiñoz from Northwest Amazonia

Nathan M. White
Language and variety mixing in diasporic Hmong

Pema Wangdi
On Bodish languages in Bhutan: Language contact, genetic inheritance and parallelism in drift