Volume 35 – Issue 1 – 2023

Rania Al-Aqarbeh
Transfer of L1 strategies in L2 processing of long-distance dependencies

Special issue:

Guest-editors Eugenio Goria, Margherita Di Salvo
Sociolinguistic perspectives on Italian Heritage languages communities

Eugenio Goria, Margherita Di Salvo

Eugenio Goria, Margherita Di Salvo
An Italoromance perspective on Heritage Languages

Valentina Del Vecchio
Code-mixing and intergenerational variation within an Italian community in Bletchley (UK)

Margherita Di Salvo, Naomi Nagy
Differential object marking in Italian: evidence from two Italian heritage communities

Guilherme Duarte Garcia, Natalia Brambatti Guzzo
A corpus-based approach to map target vowel asymmetry in Brazilian Veneto metaphony

Caterina Ferrini
Contact cases in the linguistic landscape of Italian immigration in New York

Marta Lupica Spagnolo
Italian in Transit: Attempting a definition based on distribution and functions of generalized present infinitives

Simone Pisano, Vittorio Ganfi, Valentina Piunno
Notes and updates on language contact between Sardinian and Italian/French. A corpus-based analysis

Silvia Natale, Stefania Marzo
Standard and neo-standard in mobile communities. The case of German-speaking Switzerland

Volume 35 – Issue 2 – 2023 

Mohammad Alhailawani and Osama Abdel-Ghafer
In favour of SizeP in DP: Evidence from diminutives in Jordanian Arabic

Atef Alsarayreh
Revisiting Negative Concord as syntactic agreement in Arabic

Alexander Andrason and Michael Karani
Emotive interjections in Maasai (Arusa)

Iria Bello Viruega and Laura Nadal Sanchis
Processing coherence: An experimental study on the Italian connective pertanto

Angela Pia Massaro
Apulian qualitative binominal Noun Phrases

Daniel Recasens
Diachronic aspects of stressed schwa

Discussion paper:

Sarah Payne and Charles Yang
Making Good on BADs

Wolfgang U. Dressler, Anastasia Christofidou, Natalia Gagarina, Katharina Korecky-Kröll, Marianne Kilani-Schoch
Blind Alley Developments (BADs): in defense of our approach