Béatrice Akissi Boutin, Oreste Floquet, Maria Antonietta Pinto, Eleonora Sist
Orthographic control in relation to metalinguistic awareness: Studies in three different French-speaking contexts

Mohammad Alhailawani, Osama Abdel-Ghafer
In favour of SizeP in DP: Evidence from diminutives in Jordanian Arabic

Rania Al-Aqarbeh
L1 transfer of processing strategies in second-language processing of long-distance dependencies

Basem Ibrahim Malawi Al-Raba’a
On the syntax of hearer-oriented clitics in a rural Jordanian variety

Atef Alsarayreh
Revisiting Negative Concord as Syntactic Agreement in Arabic

Alexander Andrason and Michael Karani
Emotive interjections in Maasai (Arusa)

Amedeo De Dominicis
A topological definition of voice mimickers

Philip P. Limerick
Regional comparisons of subject pronoun expression among Mexican-origin immigrants in Georgia

Mehrdad Meshkinfam, Mehrdad Naghzguy-Kohan, Elisabetta Ragagnin
The emergence of the indefinite article in Old Persian: A Construction Grammar account

Doaa K. Riziq, Jihad M. Hamdan
The semantic structure of motion verbs in Jordanian Arabic: Talmy’s typology revisited

Luigi Talamo, Annemarie Verkerk
A new methodology for an old problem: A corpus-based typology of adnominal word order in European languages

Francesco-Alessio Ursini 
Spatial anaphors in Mandarin: How grammar principles inform discourse structure

discussion paper

Sarah Payne and Charles Yang
Making Good on BADs

Wolfgang U. Dressler, Anastasia Christofidou, Natalia Gagarina, Katharina Korecky-Kröll, Marianne Kilani-Schoch
Blind Alley Developments (BADs): in defense of our approach


Guest-editors: Eugenio Goria and Margherita Di Salvo
Sociolinguistic perspectives on Italian Heritage languages communities