1. How long does the reviewing process last?

We allow a maximum of two months for review. Most reviewers comply with that deadline.
However, it also depends on how soon we find two competent, willing reviewers. The average time for this search is 10 days, but it may last longer. Authors should at any rate be assured that we actively follow the reviewing process and send reminders to delayed reviewers.

2. Can I have my paper published soon?

Only so-called “predatory journals” can offer fast publication. Unfortunately, they are not useful in terms of career. Like any high-level international journal, IJL only publishes good-quality papers after careful scrutiny. Most papers require revision, which implies a second round of reviewing. The usual time from submission to publication is seldom less than one year.

3. What are the publication fees?

Authors publishing in the Italian Journal of Linguistics face no financial charges for the publication of their article. However, we welcome voluntary contributions to sustain our open-access policy, especially from authors having access to research funds (up to € 400, which is the ideal APC [Article Publication Cost] for IJL).

4. What are the authors provided upon publication?

The authors receive a free PDF of their paper. Should they want a printed copy of the whole issue, they can purchase it from the publisher (see the link “Contacts” on this very website).