Volume 29 – Issue 1 – 2017

Lucia M. Tovena, Marta Donazzan
The profile of event delimitation: An introduction

Denis Creissels
Atypical objects in Soninke (West Mande)

Serge Sagna
Morphological alternation and event delimitation in Eegimaa

Lucia M. Tovena, Marta Donazzan
Italian -ata event nouns and the nomen vicis interpretation

Elena Soare
Aspects of participial nominalizations in Romance

Richard Huyghe, Lucie Barque, Pauline Haas, Delphine Tribout
The semantics of underived event nouns in French

Bianca Basciano, Chiara Melloni
Event delimitation in Mandarin: The case of diminishing reduplication

Hana Filip
The Semantics of Perfectivity

Volume 29 – Issue 2 – 2017

Roberta Colonna Dahlman
The ambiguity of sapere

Marwan Jarrah & Murdhy R. Alshamari
The syntax of theevidential particle ʃikil in Jordanian Arabic

Lena Karssenberg, Stefania Marzo, Karen Lahousse, Daniela Guglielmo
There’s more to Italian c’è clefts than expressing all-focus

Natalie Operstein
The syntactic structures of Lingua Franca in the Dictionnaire de la langue franque

Mohammed Q. Shormani
SVO, (silent) topics and the interpretation of referential pro: A discourse-syntax interface approach

Raoul Zamponi
First-person n and second-person m in Native America: a fresh look

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Volume 29 – Online Appendix

Raoul Zamponi
Appendices of First-person n and second-person m in Native America: a fresh look