Volume 08 – Issue 1 – 1996

Special issue:

Guest editors A.J.Borg & F.Plank
The Maltese Noun Phrase Meets Typology

Frans Plank

Albert J. Borg
The structure of the noun phrase in Maltese

Manwel Mifsud
The collective in Maltese

David Gil
Maltese “collective nouns”: A typological perspective

Edward Fenech
Functions of the dual suffix in Maltese

Greville G. Corbett
Minor number and the plurality split

Frans Plank
Domains of the dual, in Maltese and in general

Albert J. Borg
Distributive and universal quantification in Maltese

David Gil
Maltese “kull”: An areal-diachronic perspective

John R. Payne
The syntax of the Maltese cardinal numerals

Frans Plank & Edith Moravcsik
The Maltese article: Language-particulars and universals

Martin Haspelmath & Josephine Caruana
Indefinite pronouns in Maltese

Ray Fabri
The construct state and the pseudo-construct state in Maltese

Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm
Passessive noun phrases in Maltese: Alienability, iconicity, and grammaticalization

Leon Stassen
The switcher’s paradise: Nonverbal predication in Maltese

Volume 08 – Issue 2 – 1996

Special issue:

Interpreted Logical Forms

Guest editor Peter Ludlow

Daniel Seymour
Content and Quotation

Marcel den Dikken, Richard Larson & Peter Ludlow
Intentional “transitive” verbs and concealed complement clauses

Robert Fiengo & Robert May
Interpreted logical forms: A critique

Gabriel Segal
Frege’s puzzle as some problems in science