Volume 32 – Issue 1 – 2020


Pier Marco Bertinetto (SNS, Pisa) 


Mark Aronoff (Stony Brooks)

Michele Loporcaro (Zürich)

Mario Squartini (Torino)

Volume 16 – 2004


Volume 16 – Issue 1 – 2004


Anna-Maria De Cesare 
Y a-t-il encore quelque chose à ajouter sur l'italien anche? Une réponse basée sur le CORIS/CODIS

The syntax and interpretation of person features

Guest-editors: Valentina Bianchi & Ken Safir


Valentina Bianchi & Ken Safir
Introduction: The syntax and interpretation of person features

Elisa Di Domenico 
Placed, Non-Placed and Anaphorically Placed Expressions


Ken Safir 
Person, Context and Perspective

Philippe Schlenker 
Person and Binding (A Partial Survey)

Halldór Ármann Sigurdsson
The syntax of Person, Tense, and speech features


Margaret Speas 
Evidential Paradigms, World Variables and Person Agreement Features


Volume 16 – Issue 2 – 2004


Josep Alba-Salas 
Fare light verb constructions and Italian causatives: Understanding the differences

Thomas Berg 
Shared lexical representations: Evidence from first-language acquisition

Pier Marco Bertinetto 
On the undecidable syllabification of /sC/ clusters in Italian: Converging experimental evidence


Jussi Niemi 
Word Onset Consonant+Vowel: Experiments on Finnish syllable structure


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