Volume 32 – Issue 1 – 2020


Pier Marco Bertinetto (SNS, Pisa) 


Mark Aronoff (Stony Brooks)

Michele Loporcaro (Zürich)

Mario Squartini (Torino)

Volume 11 – 1999


Volume 11 – Issue 1 – 1999


Special issue: Gender and Number in Normal and Impaired Language Processing

Elisa Di Domenico & Marica De Vincenzi (guest-editors)


Charles Clifton, Lyn Frazies & Patricia Deevy
Feature manipulation in sentence comprehension


Marica De Vinvenzi & Elisa Di Domenico
A distinction among F-features: The role of gender and number in the retrieval of pronoun antecedents


Christel Faussart, Celia Jakubowicz & Marianne Costes
Gender and number processing in spoken French and Spanish


Claudio Luzzatti & Ria De Bleser
Gender and number processing in Italian agrammatic speakers: Further avidence for dual route models of processing


Janet Nicol & Meghan O'Donnel
Pronominal feature distinctions in English


José Manuel Igoa, José Eugenio García-Albea & Rosa Sánches-Casas
Gender-number dissociation in sentence production in Spanish


Volume 11 – Issue 2 – 1999


Laura Bafile
Antepenultimate stress in Italian and some related dialects: metrical and prosodic aspects


Georgi Jetchev
Schwa or "ghost" vowels in French: a Harmonic Phonology account


Jerzy Rubach
The syllable in phonological analysis


Alberto Nocentini
Topical contraints in the verbal agreement of spoken Italian (Tuscany variety)


Mario Squartini
Voice clashing with aspect: the case of Italian Passives


Carol Myers-Scotton
Discussione: Bakker & Mous, eds. (1994); Singh (1995); Treffers-Daller (1994)