Volume 32 – Issue 1 – 2020


Pier Marco Bertinetto (SNS, Pisa) 


Mark Aronoff (Stony Brooks)

Michele Loporcaro (Zürich)

Mario Squartini (Torino)

Volume 10 – 1998


Volume 10 – Issue 1 -1998


Special issue: Metaphony and vowel harmony in Romance and  beyond 

Josi Ignacio Hualde (guest-editor)


Andrea Calabrese
Metaphony revisited


Jennifer Cole
Deconstructing metaphony


Josi Ignacio Hualde
Asturian and Cantabrian metaphony


Benjamin P. Sanders
The Eastern Andalusian vowel system: Form and structure


Jeszs Jiménez
Valencian vowel harmony


Richard D. Janda
German Umlaut. Morpholexical all the way down from OHG through NHG (Two Stützpunkte for Romance metaphony)


Tomas Riad
Balance and harmony in Scandinavian dialects


Volume 10 – Issue 2 – 1998


Dennis Delfitto & Norbert Corver
Feature primitives and the syntax of specificity


David Eddington
Spanish diphthongization as a non-derivational phenomenon


Livio Gaeta
Stress and loan words in German