Volume 32 – Issue 1 – 2020


Pier Marco Bertinetto (SNS, Pisa) 


Mark Aronoff (Stony Brooks)

Michele Loporcaro (Zürich)

Mario Squartini (Torino)

Volume 07 – 1995


Volume 07 – Issue 1 – 1995


Special issue: The Phonetic Origins of Sound Change

Carol A. Fowler (guest-editor)


Bjørn Lindblom, Susan Guion, Susan Hura, Seung-Jae Moon & Raquel Willerman
Is sound change adaptive?


Richard Mowrey & William Pagliuca
The reductive character of articulatory evolution


John J. Ohala & Maria Grazia Busá
Nasal loss before voiceless fricatives: A perceptually-based sound change


Patrice Speeter Beddor & David Evans-Romaine
Acoustic-perceptual factors in phonological assimilations: A study of syllable-final nasals


Kirk A. Widdison
An acoustic and perceptual study of the Spanish sound change s > h


Joaquin Romero
An articulatory view of historical /s/-aspiration in Spanish


Volume 07 – Issue 2 – 1995


Thematic section: Analogical Modeling 


William G. Eggington (guest-editor)
Analogical modeling: A new horizon


Royal Skousen
Analogy: A non-rule alternative to neural networks


Steve Chandler
Non-declarative linguistics: Some neuropsychological perspectives


Derek Robinson
Index and analogy: A footnote to the theory of signs


Barbara Bullock
The uneven trochee in French


Carlos Quicoli
Cyclicity and stress erasure in Portuguese and Spanish


Lunella Mereu
Verso una tipologia dell'accordo verbo-soggetto


Rajendra Singh & David Parkinson
On morphological transfer: L1, L2 and intermorphology