Volume 32 – Issue 1 – 2020


Pier Marco Bertinetto (SNS, Pisa) 


Mark Aronoff (Stony Brooks)

Michele Loporcaro (Zürich)

Mario Squartini (Torino)

Volume 06 – 1994


Volume 06 – Issue 1 – 1994


Roberto Musella
Sintagmi nominali definiti ed indefiniti


Rajendra Singh
Generative theory language contact and Modern Hindustani: Two sides of a linguistic story


Alberto A. Sobrero
Code switching in dialectal communities in Italy


Thematic section: The Syntax of Sentential Negation (Continuation of the special issue 5,2)


Genoveva Puskas
Sentential negation in Hungarian


Maria Luisa Rivero
Negation, imperatives and Wackernagel effect


Raffaella Zanuttini
Speculations on negative imperatives


Maria Grazia Crocco Galèas
Discussione:Analisi di alcuni modelli morfologici (con particolare riferimento alle entità di base)


Volume 06 –  Issue 2 – 1994


Special issue: Linguistic Categorization


Stefania Giannini & Romano Lazzeroni (guest-editors)


David Cruse
Prototype theory and lexical relations


Dirk Geeraerts
Classical definability and the monosemic bias


Stefania Giannini
Gender grammaticalization polarization in Late Latin and some Italian dialectal areas. A cognitive view


Georges Kleiber
Lexicon et cognition: y a-t-il des termes de base?


Romano Lazzeroni
Rileggendo Benveniste: le relazioni di persona nel verbo


Geoffrey S. Nathan
How the phoneme inventory gets its shape: Cognitive grammar's view of phonological systems


Paolo Ramat & Davide Ricca
Prototypical adverbs: On the scalarity/radiality of the notion of ADVERB


John R. Taylor
Fuzzy categories in syntax: The case of possessives and compounds in English


Anna Wierzbicka
The universality of taxonomic categorization and the indispensability of the concept 'kind'


Margaret E. Winters
Who are you talking to? Or, Whom should I say is calling? Language change in the adult grammar